Steps To Take To Achieve Pole Move Ayesha.

Ayesha is a move I get asked for tips and help with over and over again.

If you are not sure what that move looks like, it's this one below, this one is in a cup grip but you can do it in various other different grips too.

I wanted to create this blog to help guide you into the steps you can take to achieve this move more effectively.

This is an advanced move and will take time to condition your body to achieve this move.

For many people I see, they are attempting this move waaay earlier in their pole journey, before being able to confidently hold pre requisite moves which I'll go through below.

Chopper - Step 1

Also known as Straddle V or Helicopter

This move you can start working on from the very beginning with tucks and tilts

You can watch a 5 step tutorial here. This is essential to building your core strength

Click Here For Tutorial

Butterfly - Step 2

Getting the technique right for butterfly is so important! You need to be pushing down with that bottom arm and not away.

Think about your booty going up and your lower arm covering your ear

Click Here For Tutorial

(P.S I recorded this tutorial at xmas hence the awesome outfit)

Caterpillar Push Ups - Step 3

This a really awesome conditioning exercise that will help strengthen your shoulders and core muscles.

The strength build increases stabilisation which your need when you are ready for Ayesha.

Click Here For Tutorial

Extended butterfly - Step 4

Now you have worked on building your strength up with the previous 3 steps, its now time to take it up a notch with the extended butterfly

Hooking heel rather than sickling the foot will help with alignment and staying square.

Working on looking up at hooked heel will also help keep you centred and balanced which will help hugely when coming to Ayesha.

Click Here For Tutorial

Inverted D - Step 5

I love this move, I think it looks awesome. As you build your strength you'll be able to lower your legs down even more.

Now this move is important for Ayesha as it gets you in pretty much the exact position you need to work on for Ayesha

Click Here For Tutorial

Just like with all moves, you don't just want it to be a fluke, you want to practice over and over again, this is how you are going to build your strength.

Work on holding it for longer each time you train, don't move onto the next step until you can comfortably the previous one for at least 5-10seconds, this is longer than your think when you're upside down ;)


Okies guys no you have the strength and can safely get in and out of all the above moves with control (no landing heavily)

I recommend started with your true/basic grips, this is one that should be familiar to you as that is the same grip for the other moves you have been working on.

Then I would recommend working on:

Elbow Grip - This one bring you in closer to the pole so it requires you to focus on sticking that booty right back.

Followed by

Cup grip (requires a lil more bicep strength to keep in a bent position)

And Forearm Grip

Twisty Grip should come last, this is because you can hang through the shoulder if you don't have the shoulder strength or understand the engagement your need to hold it.

Working on all the other grips will help build your shoulder strength more effectively, keeping you safe and minimise injury.


Point you index finger down with the lower hand, the one in a bracket grip, this will increase stabilisation in your wrist, made a huge difference to when I was learning.

I hope this helps guys in knowing what steps you need to take to reach this awesome move!

Remember there is not rush. listen to your body and make sure you have rest days.

Kelly x

(Creator of Pole Power Academy)

For loads more tutorials including tutorials for each of the Ayesha Grips check out Pole Power Academy! It isn't just a website with tutorials, it's a community! Includes live lessons, courses and more...

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