What Pole To Buy For Home?

It's totally daunting when you first start looking at purchasing a pole to train at home, as there is sooooo many on the market, how do you pick one.

So I thought I'd jump on and write this up to help you out with that.

Lets start from the very beginning...

There are two types of pole

Floor to ceiling and Free standing

Floor to ceiling is what the majority of people have at home

There are lots of makes of pole that are floor to ceiling, some are pressured in place which means no screw of fixings required and some require you to screw into floor or ceiling or both.

This type of pole needs to be under a beam/joist, you can use a beam/joist finder to locate them and decide where your pole can go. This is so that you don't go through your ceiling.

The pros for this kind of pole- Takes up little room and is most cost effective.

If no joist or beam can be found in the area you want your pole to go in, you may want to consider a freestanding pole, this means it is not attached to the ceiling but will have a base to support it, the downside to this is it does take up a lot of room and costs more, on the plus side you can also take it outside as it's portable.

Diameter of Pole

Once you have decided on either floor to ceiling or freestanding, you now want to decide on what diameter you want your pole in. The industry standard in the UK is 45mm, it used to be 50mm a long time ago and in Australia i believe it to be 40mm.

The majority of polers find a smaller diameter is great for handgrips and a bigger diameter brilliant for leg grips. If you're not sure, stick safe with 45mm. If you are are used to using a certain diameter pole, maybe you currently pole at a studio, as the instructor what size poles they are using.

Finish of Pole

The next question is, what finish pole are you after. There are a wide range from:

  • Chrome

  • Brass

  • Silicone

  • Titanium Gold

  • Powder Coated

  • Stainless Steel

The different finishes is usually a personal preference and each have pros and cos, some metals can feel more grippier than others, the majority of polers use a Chrome Pole, this is what is used in most studios and in competitions. If competitions are your goals stick with a chrome.

Unlike me, I have no interest in competitions and pole for fun and fitness, I use a silicone pole, the advantages is I can pole in clothes, the disadvantage is you can't do static spins.

Again if you are used to using a certain finish pole, stick with that.

Static or Spinning Pole Too?

Poles can be static only or have the ability to spin. Static only pole are usually cheaper but most regret it and end up upgrading to one that can spin too. Completely up to you.

What height pole

Make sure you measure from floor to ceiling to ensure you purchase a pole that will fit your room. If you have tall ceilings you may need to purchase extensions which is why it is really important to know the height of the room.

So now what brand to go for

I will always recommend you purchase from a reputable company who's poles are designed for the tricks we perform. There are many pole that are merely more show and not for taking any weight on.

You can't put a price on your life.

are just a few brands that are recommended for Pole Dance Fitness

it's better to pick up a second hand recommended pole than a cheap new pole.

Believe me, I bought a 'cheap' pole when I first started pole nearly 10 years ago now and within 2 months in bowed and snapped in the middle.

Safety Mats

It's always a good idea to have a crash mat, especially when training on own or don't have a spotter. A 4 inch mat or thicker is best, and if you have really tall ceilings go for even bigger mats.

Hope that helps guys!

For 100's of tutorials on pole tricks - click the link below


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