Front Splits Routine

So many peeps want their splits but don't know what stretches to do and how often. I'm no flexibility expert by any means but I self taught from having no experience so thought I'd share what works for me in the hopes it may give you some guidance into finding the stretches that are right for you.

The most important thing is to listen to your body, yes stretching to increase flexibility is super uncomfortable but shouldn't be painful. There is no 'right' way to stretch as what works well for one person may not for another.

So here is a short version of my splits routine, I would usually hold each stretch for a minimum of 30 seconds but for the purpose of this video I held for just 10seconds.

10 second holds are great for maintaining flexibility but for developing our bendiness a min of 30 secs is best.

Mini Splits Routines


Plie Squats

Plie Squats (1 heel up)

Plie Squats (Both heels up)

Plie Squats (First heel down)

Calf Raises


Leg Swings

Deep Lunge Pulses (left leg forwards)

Hamstring Pulses (left leg forwards)

Laying Hamstring Pulses

Laying Hamstring Hold

Butterfly Pulses

Butterfly Hold

Straddle Pulses (Left, Right, Middle)

Pike Pulses

Pigeon Pose

Lotus Stretch

Calf Stretch - Standing forward fold (balls of feet on a block)

Deep lunge on toes

Splits (Check back foot is flat and not turned out)

Splits on toes

(Over splits with blocks if you're at that stage)

How many times a week should you complete a stretch routine?

For me, personally a minimum of 3 sessions a week work well.

1 intense session just like above (approx. 1 hour, holding stretches for 30-60secs a time) and 2 maintenance sessions which is more of a gentle stretch (30mins ish holding stretches 10secs)

I hope this helps you in some way guys :)

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