Spin too fast on spinny pole?

Have you just started using spinny pole and find that you spin really fast and you don't know what to do to slow you down? This video is going to help you a lot :)

So the thing with spinny pole, the closer you get to it the faster you spin, and the further your body is away from the pole the slower your spin becomes.

Have a lil watch of the video below so you can see what I mean.

So what if you want to do a move that requires you to be close to the pole but you're spinning way to fast? Well simply don't give it so much momentum on your lift off from the floor, even if you are moving a small amount, the moment when you bring yourself in will speed you up so this should give you just the right amount of spin you are after.

So what about if you want to do a move that extends away from the pole and once you're in it, you practically stop, in this case you will need to give it a lot more momentum on your initial spin up the pole so once you get into your final pose the pole is still spinning.

Spinny pole can look soo blinking pretty it is my favourite!



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