What grip aid should I use?

A questions which is asked a lot, is what grip should I use/buy for pole and to be honest this varies person to person. There is a huge range of grips on the market that it can be over whelming.

Now depending on why you need grip will depend on what grip to buy, you maybe thinking well just to stop me slipping off the pole..der! Haha, totally get that but some people slide because their hands are actually too dry and a sticky kinda grip would be better and others suffer with sweaty hands and there are different grips again for that

So to keep it as simple as possible, Ive put together a range of grips which are quite popular, along with what they are most popular for.

There are many more grips on the market and all have their purpose so it's best to try a few to see what works for you.

As a beginners, pole is a new sport, it will make you sweat, which is a sign of a blooming good workout and quite often washing hands frequently whilst training can make a huge difference, much more than grip can offer. So try that first and then grip aid as a back up.

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