How to get a good grip under the knee.

I went live a little while ago in my Facebook group 'Pole Addicts' now about getting a good hook behind the knee in pole moves.

You maybe able to relate, you think you got a good positioning and then you move your hands down and the grip goes, the leg raises up and you slide to the floor... gaah!

So whether you are inverted and want to go into an outside leg hang or want a good hook for pole move - Genie, these tips should defo help you.

From an invert - Make sure hips are high, if you don't get those hips up you'll find you'll hook over your hand and when you try and move your hand your leg comes with you. Get the hips up and take your outside leg across the pole, push the back of the knee into the pole first and then squeeze foot to floor to create a good lock behind the knee.

For pole move Genie, as an example where you have to get the hook in an upright position, usually the issue is being too close to the pole to hook effectively. To check, straighten the leg and see where the knee pit is, you want to make sure you push pit into pole first before bending :)

Find more tips and tricks at

Free FB group for beginner polers - Pole Addicts

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