6 Steps To Reverse Grab

Are you struggling to get that Reverse Grab, been trying so hard to do it but it's just not happening?

I hear you, some members in my Pole Addicts Facebook group were struggling with this move too, so I decided to put together a series of steps that you can take to work on mastering the Reverse Grab once and for all

If you know me, you'll know I love my silicone pole, but you can't do any static spins on it. So I got my chrome xpole out to help you guys master this move!

So 6 steps

  1. Corkscrew Spin

  2. Fairy Walk

  3. 1 Hand Chair Spin

  4. Chair to Reverse Chair

  5. Chair, Tuck and Roll

  6. Chair Straddle

Corkscrew spin

This is a great move to work on getting your hips to the other side of the pole with the safety of both hands on the pole

Fairy walk

You really have to work on pulling away from the pole and the big glide of the steps helps create momentum and strengthens up the shoulders ready for 1 handed spins

1 hand chair spin

With this move, you want to work on keeping you body away from the pole when you lift knees. Work on keeping your shoulder engaged and core tight to avoid bashing into the pole

Chair to reverse chair

Perform a normal chair spin but instead of pushing away with the outside arm allow your hips to move in front like corkscrew spin, once hips are passing in front of pole release outside arm from chest height and find the pole to you side around hip height, hold on in bracket gip until your feet touch the floor

Chair, tuck and roll

Now you want to perform a 1 handed chair spin, tucking knees into chest and allow your body to naturally roll around to the other side of pole, don't try to fight it, look down at your outside hand and when you see the pole hold onto it, avoid trying to find the pole behind your back, wait until your hips are the other side of the pole

Chair straddle

As you sweep your outside leg around for momentum to spin for 1 handed chair, the out side leg starts to come across body, use that leg to create a circle and open into straddle legs

Now you are ready to put it all together for the Reverse Grab

  • Create momentum by taking 3 fairy walks

  • Sweep legs into a chair straddle

  • Tuck or attitude the legs and allow your body to roll to other side of pole

  • Hold the pole with out side arm once hips have passed and you can see pole to pole in a bracket gip all the way to the floor

Looking for a personalised approach to learning pole at home, tutorials that cater towards real beginner?

Check out the Pole Power Academy

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