What Level Poler Are You?

So what level are you?

This is a question I've had on access to my 'Pole Addicts' FB group for a while, however many don't know what level they are, some attend classes that are mixed abilities and don't even have levels at all, some have levels 1-15 and some categorise into beginners, intermediates and advance.

So I thought I'd go through you how my levels work so tutorials make more sense to you being in this group and as a member of the Academy.

Beginners - For those pretty new to pole, learning the basic spins, poses and floor moves such as Fireman, Angel and Basic Sits

Higher Beginners - Now starting to get more up the pole for moves like Thigh hold, Laybacks, Combo Spins, you will also be working on conditioning moves to work towards be able to do a chopper (Straddle V) ready for intermediate

Intermediate - This level you will start to work on the basics of inverts such as Chopper into Inverted Crucifix, Butterfly, Gemini & Scorpio and Cupid

Higher Intermediate - Once you have built strength and confidence in the basic intermediate moves, you'll advance on them such as Extended Butterfly, Brass Monkey, Recliner Gemini, Dragons tail and Inverted D etc. You'll work on achieving Ayesha in basic grip by the end of this level and also aerial inverts.

Advance - This level works on developing arm only moves and different grips, like cup and elbow Ayeshas. Handspring and mini flips. Transitions and Flexibility. You'll also be working on straight leg aerial inverts and moves such as Tulip, Marion Amber, and Jackknifes

These levels are never set in stone and over the years as pole develops so does my syllabus

I have personally found from teaching, students progress far quicker when they're learning in levels, this gives their body chance to build strength and confidence ready for the next step in their pole journey.

There will always be cross overs in the levels but hopefully this gives you a lil idea on the progressions of my tutorials to help you on your journey :) đź’ś

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