You've got your pole set up at home... now what?!

So you've got your pole and you've set it all up and ready to go... Now what? What do you do? How often? What comes next?

So you think 'I know, I'll go on to YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and find some videos and copy what they do'... You find a video/tutorial that's labelled beginners and you think great, I'll do this, to quickly discover they're doing some upside down flippy trick thing and you're freaking out!

So lets take a step back, where to begin.

You need to learn from the very beginning, master the basics from spins, poses and transitions, they're the foundations to enable you to progress.

There are lots of free tutorials on the web, however as we have already discovered, quite often something is labelled beginners when it's not. Seeing a certified instructor face to face is always the best way of training, as they'll be able to tell you how to correct your technique, how to progress from one move to another and spot you (meaning support you) where required to increase your safety and minimise injuries. You can then take the moves you learn't and practice at home

If you don't have a pole studio near you or you want to learn more in between classes, the next best thing, which is increasing in popularity, is joining an online pole studio, there are loads about and its important you find one that suits you and your needs.

So something to consider when searching for an online pole studio

What style do you like?

Pole fitness element- learning trick based moves, spins and combos

Pole dancing, exotic, floor based, sexy, wearing heels

Contemporary, Rock, Classique

You may like them all and that's cool too, knowing what you want from your online pole studio will be easer for you to search.

Can you communicate with the instructor for advise and support?

Does the online pole studio have it's own forum, can you speak to others, the instructor whether on their platform or in a Facebook group?

Can you try before you buy? Do they provide online tutorials so you can watch and know exactly what teaching style you'll get when you sign up? See if they have a YouTube or Instagram account to make sure it's right for you.

Does the online pole studio have different levels so you know you're not going to be thrown in the deep end? Does it cater for complete beginners?

I personally believe levels are super important for progression, if you practice something too advance you could injure yourself as your body hasn't been conditioned yet. Equally you don't want to feel like a failure. Pole is hard but its rewarding when your work on the right stuff and the right time, you'll see amazing results. Having a supportive community who can

celebrate your progress with you is a magical place to be.

Online Pole Studio - Pole Power Academy have 5 levels

Beginners- never done pole before you can try out these moves and start to build your confidence with different grips and transitions around the pole

Higher Beginners - you have done most of the beginners moves and ready to work up the pole including climbs and laybacks

Intermediate - You have built your strength and confidence to be inverted (upside down) You'll learn a lot of tricks and combos

Higher Intermediate - Now you know the basic inverted moves you'll develop on those moves and work on variations to further develop your strength and flexibility ready for advance moves

Advance - You should now feel stronger than ever and ready to work on hands only moves, mini flips, transitions

Other tutorials include warm up and cool down, conditioning and pole handstands.

In the Pole Power Academy you'll get access to each level, start off from the beginning and work your way through the tutorials, there are 100's to watch which more are added every week.

  • You'll be able to login from anywhere in the world,

  • Mark each tutorial as complete so you can track your progress.

  • Each tutorial will give you the pre-requisite so you know what move you should be able to do first., any common mistakes, key points for the move and then at least 1 progression so you know what you would do following that move to enable you to progress.

If you don't want to join an online pole studio, take your time in doing some research and following people who show good technique, try and track your progress by keeping a diary each day, what the moves are called and how to get in to them. You may even like to keep a file with links to tutorials so you can easily find them again.

As a complete beginner you can try out any of the beginners tutorials on Pole Power Academy YouTube Channel or in Facebook group Pole Addicts

x5 beginners pole moves

5 steps to chopper

FREE 7 day trial >>> Pole Power Academy

Kelly & Maisy pup.

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