Engage your core- What does it mean?!

You hear 'engage your core' all the time from your instructors, you'll see it in heath magazines, and even see specific core strengthening classes being advertised. Engaging core muscles is vital for us polers.. and well anyone! But what does engaging your core actually mean?

Well lets start with what your core is. Many believe that engaging your core is all about the abs and well that is part of it but they also include

  • Glute muscle groups (butt)

  • Adductor muscle groups (outer thigh)

  • Lower back muscles

  • Muscles of the abdomen

  • Hip flexors

  • The transverse abdominis (commonly referred to as TA)

Working on core exercises improves your balance and stability which creates a solid base for your body, allowing you to stay strong on and off the pole.

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