Struggling To Invert?

So I thought we could talk about inverts today...

If you are not sure what an invert is, it is a way of getting upside down on the pole from standing.

Being able to invert is a big mile stone for those new to poling but it is a process which is often rushed.

I see many polers trying to get them-selves upside in the most least effective way and that's where injuries occur.. not good!

Everywhere you go, whether its online tutorials or instruction at a studio you'll find we all teach to invert differently, generally belongs it is safe there is no wrong way to pole but it can be hard for those who have no experience to know what is a good way and what isn't.

I've heard of students breaking their ribs as they come crashing back down into the pole due to lack of core control and others breaking their toes as they run and swing up at the pole.... makes me cringe guys... if this is what you are doing i would strongly advise finding another tutorial to follow.

This video will show and teach you guys 5 steps to invert/chopper and some ways to avoid.

Engage your core. What does it mean? >>Click Here

For support and guidance come and join us in our 'Pole Addicts' Facebook group.

Want to learn pole at home?

Look forward to seeing you there.



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