Slipping of the pole

Do you struggle with gripping on the pole?

Many people who start pole dancing / fitness slide a bit too much for their liking but don't let that stop you!

It is quite common to start with, hell I still slide every so often after poling for 8 years! This is usually when I am learning something new, having to work extra hard, I get hot and sweaty and this is likely to be the same for many of you, especially if you're fairly new to pole.

You want to know what I advise?... its completely magic.....

Washing your hands! No seriously, you'll get instant grip, even if you have to wash your hands 10 times a session its better to do that and actually get to practice the move and develop your strength to progress, than not and slip to the floor and get frustrated with yourself. Even just having a wet cloth to wipe the excess sweat of your hands then dry with a towel will help for sure.

Once you've practiced and mastered moves you'll find you don't get as hot and sweaty as you did when first trying and you'll be able to grip so much better.


There are many grips on the market and it's finding the right one for you. I personally only use dry hands, absolutely love the stuff and a silicone xpert xpole.

If you do want to try grip and not sure where to start, there isn't a one size fits all type of grip. Today we have only touched upon sweaty hands but if your hands are completely dried out this can also make you slide!

Here are a few grips that I know of that may help you get the grip you're looking for;

Grip for sweaty hands - Dry Hands, Liquid Grip (contains chalk) and Gorilla Snot.

'Normal hands' (haha what ever normal is) these grips are slightly sticky - Mighty Grip, iTac2, Gorilla Snot and Stickum.

Dry skin -Dew Point Pole although many say this is best used on your body than it is your hands.

So try it out, this week or when ever your next session is, wash your hands first and see how long in between washing your hands and slipping again.

Good luck and keep going!

Kelly x

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