Why I use silicone poles.

When I first set up Pole Power in 2014 I wanted to promote how awesome pole fitness is and that all women can pole no matter what their age, size or ability and reap the many benefits pole offers.

Before starting to teach pole fitness I did a little market research, this revealed that lots of women wanted to try pole but did not have the confidence to wear shorts in a room full of people they didn't know or even looking at themselves, I totally got it and didn't want them to miss out on the awesomeness that pole is and boost that confidence so they do feel comfortable in their own skin.

Silicone poles means you get to wear leggings as clothing grips the pole. There is some amazing cool ass leggings out there - not that I have an addiction to leggings or anything ;) The silicone pole solves the problem of having to wear shorts for soooo many women! NO SHORTS REQUIRED!

Before becoming an instructor, as a student I learnt at a chrome only pole school, this meant I had to teach my self and create my own silicone pole fitness syllabus. Chrome and Silicone although in many ways the same, being a vertical pole but how you move around them are very different, you can't just slide down a silicone pole instead you climb back down building strength from beginning to end of move, so if you pole purely for the fitness/ gymnastic element the silicone is an awesome pole to use.

What else is awesome about the silicone pole.... the grip!! I find students build their strength sooo much quicker as they don't fear they're going to slip which enables them to concentrate on muscle engagement and alignment for the move(s) they're learning.

Don't get me wrong when you get hot and sweaty from working hard, you can still start to slide on the silicone pole but a quick wash of the hands gives you instant grip again, I haven't found a students whom it doesn't work for. :)

Kelly xx

Interested in a silicone pole?

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