Why am I not progressing?

From time to time I hear 'why am I not progressing'. This is usually referred to when a more complex trick is not achieved within the first few attempts.

As you progress through your Pole dancing / fitness journey, the moves become more challenging which means you need to work harder at them and master the pre requisites for that move. (If there is any, these are mentioned next to the video of the move you want to master along with direct tutorial links)

Have you changed your conditioning routine recently? This is a good idea to do so if you haven't already, your body needs to be challenged, continuing to do the same things over and over is not challenging.

Take yourself back to when you first started your conditioning training, I bet you found it a lot tougher than you do now which is why you progressed.

Now you are moving up a level in the pole world, learning awesome new tricks, fresh new strength building exercises is the answer. Have fun with it too, create a self challenge, for example do one more rep of a certain move every day or compete with friends on who can do the most pole sit ups for example. Another option if you are not already doing it, is put on a song and stay on the pole, put together as many moves as you can without coming off the pole until the song is finished ;)

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