This was the advice given by an X-POLE TECH on a forum regarding poles and weight. 


X-Pole Tech

Due to poles being used outside of a controlled environment X-Pole cannot advise maximum weight of a pole, from a liability perspective, in our instructions.

Vertically an X-Pole can handle 1000’s lbs. (they even held the rood of a studio up in New Zealand after the earthquake!) but when a side load is exerted that weight reduces significantly. And it is how that side load is exerted that is the problem.

We have had a drunk 250lbs male sportsmen run across a studio and throw themselves at a pole using a Dome without it falling (it slipped but did not fall) but that is not a figure we can quote/use. A 250lb ‘dancer’ would have had no problem because the pole would have been used properly, but the male sportsman, had it fallen could have said… should be able to take 250lbs, it says so in the instructions etc. !!!

Other factors, such as type of floor, type of ceiling all play a part so it is a mine field for us to start quoting weights. If a pole is put up on a sprung floor, the moment the dancer gets on the pole the pressure on the ceiling plate reduces. The instructions say clearly if used on a sprung floor get someone to stand on the base when you tighten it – but does that happen??? How would we know?

Height also plays a big part. The higher the pole the more flex it has. Pressure poles rely on pressure to keep them vertical so when a pole flexes/bends the pole shortens fractionally and the pressure is released and there is the potential for the pole to slip. Every pressure pole has that problem.

X-Pole's large upper dome was design to flex, absorb and compensate for some of the pressure changes due to flex and also to slip but not fall – providing it is installed correctly.

Using Ceiling Mounts and/or a ceiling plate inside the dome, is the only way to alleviate any fears regarding slippage or a pole falling and are highly recommended wherever possible.   X-Pole sell a series of professional mounts to suit most applications. If there is a weird application we will do our best to adapt a mount or suggest a way to mount a pole securely.

In general a correctly installed X-Pole, correctly tensioned, up to 12’ will handle dancers, in a controlled enviroment using the pole properly, up to 250lbs. X-Poles will accommodate dancers heavier than that using ceiling mounts and again in controlled circumstances without them.

Common sense is always the best judge of what you can do on your X-Pole. Check it regularly for pole tightness (Do not over tighten especially with a mount) and that the joints are tight, and you will be fine.

Hope the above helps. Again if you have any concersn or queries Please contact your local X-Pole office