Hey Guys, Kelly Here,

I’m creator of Pole Power Academy and this is my lovely pup Maisy. I love anything purple, sucker for galaxy chocolate and being upside down and learning new tricks on the pole.

So where did my journey start............. It all began at the age of 21, with no gymnastic or dance background I loved seeing incredible performances from polers and heard how good pole is for fitness. 

I still remember my very first pole lesson, could I take my feet off the floor for my first spin, could I hell! All I knew was that I had sooooo much fun trying. I soon built the strength to do that spin and it was the best feeling ever! I had achieved!!

5 years later I became a certified pole instructor, I get to share everything I love with my amazing students, just like you, seeing them progress and achieve things they never thought their body could possible do…..THE BEST!

I hear time and time again ‘Oh i’d love to do pole fitness but I’m too big, I’m not strong enough and/or I haven’t got the confidence’‘


This is when I knew I had to create Pole Power, to enable all women to try pole fitness and see that YOU CAN do it and see freaking amazing results. Learning Pole Fitness in the comfort of your own home is super easy and you can train as much as you like when ever you like.

The beauty of pole fitness is whether you are 18years old or 99years old, big or small, tall or short, the pole doesn't judge. Everyone can do it given the right guidance and support!

Its easier than ever to learn pole fitness in the comfort of your home, no pressure, learn at your own pace and at your own level, from complete beginner to advance. 

With the Pole Power Academy, once a member you can access anytime and anywhere in the world. The academy is filled with 100's of lessons, each with a video on how to do the move, key points and common mistakes to ensure you get it right and links to the pre- requisites and progression of each move 

The syllabus is levelled from a complete beginners so you can work on moves to build your strength and confidence. 

Read more about the Academy by clicking here